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George Papantoniou & Co LLC’ range of Services:

  • Preparation of the required portfolio documents and filing the Citizenship Application,
  • Supervision all the stages of procedure until the citizenship is granted;
  • If requested:
  1. Assistance to find a secure investment in Cyprus;
  2. Appropriate scheme of investment according to your needs;
  3. Drafting/review of Property Sale Agreements or other relevant documents;
  4. Verification of the deed titles are issued in your own name.
  • Subsequent legal support to your activities as EU citizen, including but not limited to liaison with the state authorities, bank accounts opening, etc.


Short Links for more information:

  • Cyprus citizenship as a spouse of a Cypriot citizen more info
  • Cyprus citizenship due to naturalization based on years of residence in Cyprus more info

For any further information please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.


Brief Description:

Cyprus citizenship can be acquired:

  • Due to Cypriot origin
  • As a spouse of a Cypriot citizen

This application can be submitted by foreign spouses of Cypriot nationals, who have completed three years of marriage and two years of residence in the Republic prior to the date of application.

Application for acquisition of citizenship can be submitted by spouses of overseas Cypriots after they have completed at least three years of marriage. These applications must additionally be accompanied by a letter from the couple stating the reasons for requesting the grant of the Cypriot citizenship to the foreign spouse. If the couple has completed at least five years of marriage and has at least one child, it is not necessary to attach the aforementioned letter.

  • Due to naturalization based on years of residence in Cyprus.

Application can be submitted by foreign nationals, who have completed seven years of legal residence in the Republic prior to the date of application.

In cases of aliens who are either parents or children of Cypriot citizens the time required is five years rather than seven. 

In any case, the applicant must have resided legally and continuously in Cyprus during the twelve months preceding the date of the application.

The Cyprus EU membership also makes its passport a golden ticket. It allows travel to 147 countries, including the U.K. and Japan, without getting a visa in advance.

An individual, choosing to relocate to Cyprus, with some careful tax planning, can minimise his tax exposure or even eliminate it and enjoy completely tax free income in Cyprus.

The recent introduction of the domicile term in the Special Defence Contribution law allows an individual relocating to Cyprus to have dividends and interest completely tax exempt.

This in addition with the tax exemption on the profit from sale of company shares and other titles and the reduced income tax on salaries earned have made Cyprus an even more attractive destination.

Cyprus is famous for the excellence of the services private sector is offering.

George Papantoniou & Co LLC is a law firm with 35 years of experience in various legal matters including immigration law.


For any further information please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

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